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For advisors with as little as $25 Million in existing book, Farther offers the industry's first digital family office. Finally, both you and your clients can thrive.

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With industry-leading compensation, state-of-the-art reporting, planning & portfolio management tools & more, RIA’s can run their business the way they want. Our advisors are our partners, which is why we’re spreading the wealth with salary + commission + equity compensation (for our founding group of advisors). We’re building the best team in the industry.


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Large firms have it all (wrong). Why suffer from...

Archaic Technology, Overbearing Compliance & Minimums

Dictatorial Management & No Career Security

Poor Payouts And An Ever Shifting Grid

Layers of Bureaucracy & Expensive Legacy Systems


Simplicity is built in at every step of the journey for both advisors and their clients. With automated account transfers (ACAT), statement sharing, automated marketing, AI driven suggestions and more, Farther advisors are able to reduce their operational costs. Spend up to 90% of your time working directly with your clients and prospects.


Clients are sick of being overcharged. Advisors are tired of making excuses for it. Farther offers both fair and transparent client pricing and advisor compensation. Because our modern technology platform substantially reduces costs, your clients enjoy reduced fees and you get a simple to understand, fair split of commision + equity.


At Farther we respect the advisor client relationship above all, so we put it first in developing our technology platform and culture. With zero ops and admin, modern technology such as Zoom & Calendly, paid supplemental leads, you can grow your practice from your home or office with security and confidence.

Zero Ops & Admin 

Fair & Transparent Compensation

Simple To Use Technology